My youngest, who is now nine, watched Jaws for the first time last night. A couple of years ago I had her older sister watch it. 
The youngest asked why she had to watch. It's obviously a scary movie. 
I told her there were two reasons. First, I want them to learn how to get past fear - the oldest swore she wouldn't get into the ocean again after watching the movie but was in the water the next day. The second reason is it's an awesome movie. Just terrific. 
The younger one kept pointing out which gore looked fake and "that blood totally wasn't real." I think she was amused more than scared which, based on her personality, makes sense. 
I love having them for the week at the shore. They love the beach and ocean. And I love that they love it. 


Words are interesting

I love etymology. Not enough to be a philologist, but enough to be dangerous. Half the problems with words is determining intent, i.e. how the word was used.

Truth is, most words have more than one meaning and even certain types of words, say nouns, frequently get modified into verbs or gerundives.

With Ancient Greek it gets real tricky since one word can have hundreds of meanings. Take logos for example. It can mean word or book or Scripture or letter or...well you get the point.

So I'm googling some stuff around mood and the like and I see it ultimately comes from a Greek word, orge, which means anger. I then start to wonder if it's also the root of orgy. It turn out that orgy is associated with ergo, meaning to work, i.e. to work into a state of frenzy. Originally, it meant a singing and dancing festival for the gods that was fairly revelrous. But the o at the beginning of the word...

What I figure is that orgy was a combination of ergo, to work, and orge, full of mood possibly strongly and you literally have 'work up a mood.' Neat.


Playing with P Mode

So I dabble in photography. I have a pretty nice dSLR and an extremely solid point and shoot along with my iPhone which can be handy and take a surprisingly good picture in a pinch.



Habemus Papam

So the college of Cardinals selected an American and a Jesuit. I find this fascinating.


Watching a friend die

So I've been watching a friend die. Slowly. By alcohol. (graphic account follows)